Discover a Powerful System That Deletes Bad Credit and Restores Your Good Name.
Let me show you the secret to successful disputes and cleaner reports.

Ever wonder how some people are having major dispute success- deleting collection accounts, bankruptcy, charge-offs, medical bills, defaulted student loans. While others are stuck, wondering why they're getting left behind.

The answer is simply the lack of tools and resources.

Think about it.

If you could use the right blueprint that the professionals use to get their clients results, how much more successful would you be if you had access to the same thing?

A powerful system to get unstuck and conquer any credit challenge you have...

Here's the truth: You could have all of the money and connections in the world, and it still would be pointless if you don't tackle your credit.

Here's why…

Lenders want creditworthy applicants...

When's the last time you've heard of someone walking in the bank and getting approved for a home loan or the best rates with 500 credit scores?


Take the guy who says he wants to find a home that allows him to build equity and pass something valuable down to his children. He browses blogs, complains to his friends, and wishes he knew what to do.

He's tried applying before and was denied, because of "poor credit history". So there he sits, missing out on opportunities, happiness, and stability — all because he couldn't conquer his bad credit so he could become undeniable to his banking buddies.

Cash my be King, but credit is power...

I laugh when I hear my friends constantly tell me "Cash is King, Jeri. You don't need credit!"

Say whaaaat?

Let me tell you... I can't remember the last time I was able to take a free trip using cash...

I don't recall ever getting cash-back for paying my mortgage in dollar bills...

Credit has protection, security, and sweet little bonuses that you'll never be able to take advantage of by paying for everything in cash. Period.

Financial freedom...

I used the think that financial freedom was a myth, until I discovered the power of credit. I mean, think about it....

You could save soooo much money in interest payments, fees and unnecessary deposits, and redirect that cash into more prosperous places if you had excellent credit scores.

The investments you could make...

The dream home you could purchase...

The bragging rights of having to never worry about getting denied ever again is something worth celebrating.

It's really the first step to financial success!

What The Numbers Say...

Although having good credit has its perks, studies show that only 21% of consumers have a credit score of a "good" 680, while everyone else is still stuck trying to figure out how to fix their bad credit and finally restore their good name.

Is that you?

Are your credit reports drowning in late payments, bankruptcy, charge-offs, collections, delinquent student loans that's draining the life out of your credit scores?

Well, you should know 2 important things:

  1. All credit is repairable.
  2. The first step to change is identifying and tackling the problem.

You're probably thinking, "yeh right, Jeri. That sounds too simple."

Well, hear me out for a minute.

There has never been a better time in the history of the world to fix your credit. 

You probably know right now your credit is not very good and you see derogatory items that are in fact yours.

Well let me tell you a little secret.

You can remove derogatory accounts that are really yours.

As a consumer, you have several laws in place that protect you from shady creditors and the big boys at Transunion, Experian, and Equifax.

And I learned several [legal] step-by-step disputing methods to make them shake in their shoes and play by your rules once and for all.

No SLEAZY tactics- only what's proven to be effective at removing negative accounts from credit reports to restore credit scores, and position you for the best financial future.

That's why I created The Dispute Lab

In The Dispute lab, you're going to access:

  • 9 dispute modules and 10+ hours of (proven) dispute training... access insider disputing secrets that clean credit reports and drastically improve your credit rating.
  • Learn the little-known reason credit bureaus don't respond to your disputes... and how to get your letter into the right hands.
  • The perfect recipe to crafting the perfect dispute letter that yield consistent results and deletions.... this one will blow your mind. It's a shame more people don't know more about it.
  • Learn the top 13 mistakes people make repairing their credit that guarantee they'll never clean their reports (or get approved)- and how you can avoid it.
  • 3 types of disputes you should know about, and how to make sure you don't end up in the jailhouse using unproven [and illegal] strategies.
  • BONUS: Identity Theft Victim Recovery: What is a "credit sweep" and how to perform one for fast deletions of identity theft accounts.
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You Don't Have To Struggle.

We spend most of our lives going through our toughest challenges alone.

We struggle to learn how to manage our credit.

We feel frustrated about our financial future.

We settle for the worst rates and denial letters, never understanding that credit repair is a "skill" that can be easily learned and executed.

Worst of all, we rarely share our struggles…since we're "supposed" to know how to do these things on our own (right?).

What I've learned is we don't have to struggle through these challenges. In fact, if we JUST got help on the 2-3 of our biggest life challenges, our lives could improve incredibly.

When I learned how to dispute my collections, late payments, and derogatory accounts from my credit— so that I could live the lifestyle I want, without ever worrying about money or credit — I learned two of the most important lessons that'll stick with me forever.

1. Learning a skillset is valuable.

2. Executing a skillset is invaluable.

Most people go a lifetime chasing random tactics, becoming frustrated, and even giving up. Think about it — that's DECADES of frustration.

When if they simply learned how to do it the right time, the first time around, they could save themselves so much time, energy, and hair strands.

How many people do we know who are 40, 50, even 60+ years old, who have destructive financial habits? How many people do you know who let opportunity after opportunity sail by…even though they claim they want a better life?

Now, fast forward your own life: What if you did nothing differently today…and ended up like them tomorrow?

My top Dispute Lab members not only recognized the importance of mastering these tactics, but they know that learning how to repair their own credit from a certified professional is the one key that can never be taken away. Because I believe our financial successes provide the ultimate leverage in finding success, wealth, and happiness.

You don't have to do this alone. I went through the painstaking process of discovering, testing, and producing these methods. They've helped me upgrade my lifestyle and confidence, and I'd like to share the same with you.

These aren't one-time techniques you'll use this week or next month. These are techniques for life. So it's natural that you have lifetime access to this course — since I expect you'll use these now, 5 years from now, even 15 years from now. 

I created Dispute Lab as your "secret playbook" to improve your credit, confidence, and conquer money fears.

Let's take this journey together.

YES! Sign Me Up for The Dispute Lab Course Now!
…For Only $297
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