What does it take to build 850 credit scores, get instant approvals, and secure the best rates? 
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Get an Easy and Concise Approach to Building the Perfect 850 Credit Score

What do people with perfect credit scores and the Big Foot have in common?

Well...Most people can’t decide if they actually exist.

They've searched high and low, scoured the internet for answers, only to stumble upon....nothing- but, a ton of fluffy, outdated, copy and paste information that doesn't help them get to their ultimate goals.

I hear people tell me almost every day, "Jeri, I'm ready for 850 credit scores."

They've finally repaired their credit, and they're oozing with excitement, READY for the next step.

Only something always seems to happen...


They don't know the first step to take to build the excellent credit scores, how to play the credit game, or how to win over the banks.

It's like walking into an interview and being unprepared. And if that's your plan, you've already lost.


But nobody teaches us this!

They give advice like "just pay your bills on time..." (Which, by the way, is not completely true. I've literally paid my bills on time for YEARS and my scores didn't budge).

The Hidden Belief That Was Holding ME Back

You've probably heard me say this before, and I mean it every time...

Having bad credit sucks!

Having bad credit robbed me of my ability to save money, pay off debt, and take my kids on a vacation.

Between the high interest rates, the dreadful security deposits, and outrageous fees - I thought- there's absolutely no way I'll be able to get out of this mess.

This couldn't be life...

Until something dawned on me.

The only thing worse than having bad credit, is settling for it!

I had settled for terrible credit.

I had settled for the high interest rates.

And the worse part is that I didn't even realize it!

I had a hidden belief that THIS was HOW life was suppose to be. That there was no way it could be better. I was forever going to be cursed with bad credit.


I soon realized it doesn't have to be that way. 

After studying, testing, and improving for the last 5 years, I identified some simple habits that were holding me back… and some key insights that completely changed how I approach my credit.

I slowly and painfully crawled out of it — and have had the amazing accomplishment of reaching 800+ credit scores!

Now you can learn what it takes to build, establish and maintain excellent credit scores with simple, proven strategies. Put it to work, and you'll see your scores increasing in the next 30 days!

Here's a peek of what's inside:

  • 12 Powerful Ways To Build 850 Credit Scores...this will blow your mind.
  • Credit Card Secrets: How to Get Approved For The Perfect Credit Card that Rewards You.
  • 6 little-known secrets your credit card company is keeping from you.....and how you can take advantage of them to get instant approvals.
  • Discover travel hacking secrets to take trips around the world on your credit card company's dime.... YES! Free trips.
  • Access a database of secured, cash-back, and rewards credit cards.... start building a bonified money-team that funds your lifestyle.
  • Credit Card Breakdown: Uncovering the Best Credit Cards To Add To You Wallet.... learn why every credit card isn't created equal so you can focus on the most valuable plastic in the market.
  • An Easy, 5-Step Rapid Rebuilding Hack To Get Approved For Credit Cards Without a Credit Check... plus learn how many accounts you need to reach 850 credit scores.
  • BONUS: Credit Card Database... Choose the Best Credit Card using our growing credit card database of cash-back, no-fee, travel, and rewards cards.
  • BONUS: Intro To Travel Hacking: Learn How Take Free Trips Using Your Excellent Credit
YES! I Want To Get The Playbook and Build 850 Credit Scores
…For Only $147
Building your credit scores could drastically change your life- and your bank account.

I realize that flawless credit may seem far away, but let me let you in on something I've discovered over the years...

All credit is repairable.

I didn't have my credit repair playbook back then, so it wasn’t smooth or fast or easy — or enjoyable. I had been working hard to build my credit for 5 years before I reached the pinnacle 850. It took lots of time and money, but it was definitely worth it:

Since reaching 850, I've been able to secure over $400,000 in credit and book 4-5 free trips a year- all by leveraging my plastic.

...the same playbook I'm now offering you.

A playbook so powerful, that if you tune in and utilize the strategies, you'll be closer to your dreams of lower rates and instant approvals in no time.

But, if you turn your back on your credit — and ignore it like I did — it can drive your finances into the ground.

Having flawless credit scores could be the one step towards saving more money and creating your own economy.

You could buy that home, make some investments, take your family on luxurious trips, and change your life.

I've been fortunate to experience the power of great credit, and teach others how they can too.

It's not magic. It's not art. It's not luck.

It's a process. And there is a proven playbook for how to do it.

Are you ready to stop thrashing around in the dark and start learning the formula for success?

I'm Ready To Grow My Scores, Build Perfect Credit, and Get Approved!
…For Only $147

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