FINALLY...a PROVEN Foundational Program That Teaches You How To Take Control of Your Credit 
Do you ever wonder what separates the successful credit repair do-it-yourselfer's and those that struggle trying to get it right?

I'll tell you what...

Some people start from the beginning and learn the fundamental methods before skipping everything and going straight for the jugular... aka disputes.

Many don't have a clue that by skipping the skimming over the most important part of successful credit repair, they fail before they even begin.

And let me tell you...

There's nothing more frustrating than tackling your bad credit, only for it to be a complete waste of time because you skipped the part that could have given you success from the start.

The truth is, credit bureaus, creditors, and collectors have been hiding a secret from you. 

One that could turn your entire credit conundrum around if you learned how to put it to use.

6 years ago, my credit scores were damaged beyond repair after losing my job and having my first child...

My credit reports were flooded with collection accounts, late payments, maxed out credit cards, and I was on the verge of filing bankruptcy and starting completely over.

I had tried it all...

Paid the collectors to so they'd stop harassing me...

Closed my credit cards attempting to get rid of debt...

Pleaded with creditors to give me a break...

Truth be told, I was stressed out.

I was stressed that no matter what I applied for I got denied. And everything I did get approved for I was slammed with an extreme interest rate.

Until, something changed...

I stopped dreaming and started accomplishing.

I got so freaking committed and downright obsessed with improving my scores, that I went from a 545 to an 850- and I get instant approvals every time!

Now I want you to experience this radical shift in your life — no matter how many times you might have struggled to stick to your goals of better credit in the past.

How many times have you said to yourself:

  • I’m going to start working on my credit this year.
  • I’m going to reach 700+ credit scores and buy a house.
  • I’m going to floss every morning and night.

I know the last one is random, but seriously... how many times have you followed through on those goals?

If your answer is “not often enough" or "never," don’t worry.

It’s not your fault. And with the systems, frameworks, and strategies I’ve distilled over the past few years, you can learn the skills necessary to take your credit from poor to excellent for life.

Once you know how to do this, you virtually guarantee success in everything you do financially — from this moment forward.

I want you to have access to this same material. And now you can. 

That's why I created Credit 101: The Fundamentals.

It's a proven, necessary part of successful credit repair and architecting the perfect credit scores.

START achieving all your goals today

Credit 101: The Fundamentals is an, online, video course that gives you the tools and education you need to end your frustration with your credit once and for all…and START achieving your financial goals.

Inside Credit 101: The Fundamentals, you'll discover...
The truth about your little-known credit protection that stops collectors dead in their tracks.
How I built "always approved, never denied" credit scores in less than a year by learning how to think like a creditor.
How to analyze, identify, and tackle accounts that are killing your credit scores. (It's usually not what most people think)
The Economic Machine Exposed: Why credit is the most important part of our economy, but the least understood.
The shocking key differences and hidden benefits of using credit over debit.... this will blow your mind!
...and so much more.
Yes, I want Credit 101, Improve My Credit, and Reach My Dreams
…For Only $47
One Last Thing...

If you're like me, you're tired of "experts" telling you all the things you CAN'T do:

"No, we can't approve you for this home..."
"Sorry, your application has been denied..."
"Unfortunately you don't qualify..."

no, No, NO!

Some people accept this...

You know people like this. They may be pretty happy overall...but every so often, you'll hear them complain about their job...their relationships...and always, always money. If you ask them, "So what have you done about that?" they'll look at you with a blank stare.

It never occurs to them to step up and take control of their own lives.

Others decide they want to take control of their credit...their money...their lives -- with a deep urge to succeed.

This is your chance to make a change for the rest of your life. This is the beginning of you changing your financial story.

Yes, I want Credit 101, Improve My Credit, and Reach My Dreams
…For Only $47
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